Print size (including margins): 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 in. (112 x 164 mm.).
Item#: SD-095 Artist: Shiseido Photo Department (attributed to).
Image or title: grand opening of Shiseido chain store, Tokyo; interior view
Date: November. 11, 1953. Medium: vintage glossy gelatin silver print. Price: ¥45,000 JPY

Description: image of the grand opening of the Shiseido Chain Store Haku Botan cosmetic store located in the Wakabayashi district of Setagaya Ward, Tokyo.

Inscription on the reverse reads: Showa ‘28 nen, juichigatsu, jiichi nichi, kaiten, Shiseido Chiyenu Stoa, Haku Botan Keshohinten, Setagaya-ku, Wakabayashi ni-hachi-yon, tennai, ???.

Translation: Showa year ‘28 (1953) November 11, grand opening of the Shiseido Chain Store Haku Botan (White Peony) cosmetic store, Setagaya-ku, Wakabayashi 248 (address), "shop interior" in parenthesis, with an illegible credit or notation also in parenthesis.

Condition: very good.


This photograph is thought to have been taken by the photographic department (shashin-bu) of Shiseido for the grand opening of this store. The Shiseido Chain Stores were franchises that had to conform to Shiseido guidelines and were set up by the company. It is very likely the company provided photographs of completed stores as part of the franchise package as well being a visual record of the completed store. Even the logo of this store matches the exact Chinese kanji font used for the Shiseido logo, created in 1927 by the Shiseido Design Department. This illustrates Shiseido's attention to detail and amount of control they exerted with their franchises. Additionally, this photograph is technically done, taken by a professional artist and representative of the skilled photographic talent Shiseido is always known for.

Full view of print with borders.

Reverse of print with inscription.