Size: 11 1/2 x 9 1/4 in. (292 x 230 mm.)
Item#: N-001 Artist: Felice Beato
Image or title: Diaonji Temple at Nagasaki with samurai, priest, and peasants.
Date: 1864 Medium: albumen print Price: ¥65,000 JPY

Description: large format print from Beato's early Japan period. This print came from one of Beato's "Views" album and shows the Diaonji Temple in Nagasaki. This same image is kept in the archives of the Nagasaki University Library and which has been been officially dated as 1864.

Overall condition good, but there is a small hole in the print. This can be seen on the center area of the roof, just below the tree branch hanging down from the top margin.

Felice Beato:

Beato was born on the Island of Corfu near Greece, which was then part of the British Empire. He began his career in 1850 and became one of the first photographers to specialize in Asia and the Near East. Early in his career he formed a partnership John Robertson and they photographed the Crimean War as well as Constantinople, Malta, Egypt and Palestine. In 1858 Beato went out on his own and traveled to India and China. By 1863 he settled in Yokohama where he formed a partnership with the artist Charles Wirgman. He remained in Japan until 1884, but by the early 1870s spent little time behind the camera. His studio F. Beato & Co. remained in business until January 23, 1877 when it was sold to Stillfried and Andersen. Beato left Japan in 1884 almost penniless, but he eventually opened another photo studio and curios business in Burma. He is thought to have died there in 1908.