Size: 17 x 10 3/4 in. (425 x 267 mm.)
Item#: AP-009 Artist: Osaka Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Newpaper Osaka).
Image or title: cadets departing Kobe for a Manchurian tour.
Date: 1932 Medium: vintage glossy gelatin silver print. Price: ¥35,000 JPY

An important image in regards to the emergence of Japanese documentary photography with smaller hand held cameras.

Description: in the early 1930s the spontaneous style of documentary photography was just emerging in Japan. This was due to the availability of smaller hand held cameras and roll films that provided photographers with greater mobility. This image is an example of this new style and shows cadets departing Kobe for a Manchurian tour. Taken by a staff photographer of the Osaka Asahi Shimbun, still one of Japan's leading newspapers to this day. Affixed to the reverse is a paper label providing caption details that read: Kobe Shuho no Koko-maru de, kikou no tonitsuku. Mansho-ho no warashi-gu. Translation: young cadets depart Manchuria for Kobe by the ship Koko Maru, with the date Dec. 1, 1932.

This print was made by the photographic unit of the Asahi Shimbun called Asahi Photo News. It was produced to promote the newspaper's recent news items and was intended for public dispaly at locations such as Department stores, train stations, local news bureaus and neighborhood delivery stations.

Condition: vintage large format vintage gelatin print. The overall condition is good, but there is a minor crease in the right margin as well as a small portion of the upper right margin missing. There are two small tears in the right margins that have been professionally mended, as well as pinholes in the corners from when the print was originally hung in public (see below).

Full view of print showing margins

Reverse of print with paper label.

Detail of Osaka Asahi Shimbun paper label with date and caption.