Size: 8 1/4 x 10 1/2 in. (210 x 268 mm.)
Item#: N-033 Artist: Baron Raimund von Stillfried
Image or title: battle cry conch shell blower.
Date: 1870s Medium: albumen, hand colored
Description: Japanese warrior with conch shell horn. This horn was used to signal a battle cry, much like a bugle.

Condition: very good, except for tiny blemishes on the left margin. Mounted to a thin board.

Baron Raimund von Stillfried und Rathenitz:

Baron Raimund von Stillfried set up residence in Yokohama around 1868, and by 1871 had opened his first studio there. This was the firm of Messrs. Stillfried & Co., where he worked with the photographer William Willmann. In 1874 he changed the name of his firm to the Japan Photographic Association (which would remain in operation under a succession of management until 1885). This led to the formation of a partnership with Hermann Andersen in 1875, with their firm being called Stillfried & Andersen, and the Japan Photographic Association. In January 1877 they purchased F. Beato & Co. of Yokohama, and moved into its premises at No. 17 Bund. This partnership was short lived and ended in June 1878. In the process the two seem to have fallen out of favor with one another. As a result, von Stillfried left the Japan Photographic Association while Andersen remained on until 1884. In doing so, Andersen continued to produce many of the photographs that today are commonly attributed to von Stillfried.

Price: ¥80,000 JPY