Size: 23 1/2 x 15 3/4 in. (600 x 400 mm)
Item#: E-027 Artist: unattributed
Image or title: glass painting montaged with albumen prints of geisha, steamship.
Date: c1880 Medium: multi media: painting on glass with albumen and abalone . Price: ¥200,000 JPY

Description: glass painting with montaged albumen photos depicting a view of a river or lake near Mt. Fuji. This includes six cut-out photographs that show the ship Murao-go ship, as well as one of the most famous geishas of the Meiji '10 era (1877-1887). This was Kayo Era, a geisha from Kyoto who was the mistress of the famous Japanese statesman Hirofumi Ito. Her photo is in the center with a parasol resting on her shoulder, facing forward. Due to her relationship with Ito, this painting can be dated to the early 1880s. There is also abalone inlay which can be seen in the houses in the center of the image.

Condition: this painting is totally intact and in the original cedar frame. But a portion has some dampening marks which can be seen in the cone of Mt. Fuji, as well as in the center of the image in the water area just under Mt. Fuji. This dampening carries down to the foreground of the bridge where the geisha photographs are placed. There is also a scratch in the area above Mt. Fuji, as well as a blemish directly above the barren tree just near the edge of the frame.