Size: 31 x 22 in. (790 X 560 mm.)
Item#: E-021 Maker: Kinjo Shokwai
Image or title: Kinjo Shokwai camera store of Ginza, Tokyo.
Date: early 1930s Medium: letter press printed camera store wrapper Price: ¥15,000 JPY

Description: Large wrapper from the photographic firm of Kinjo Shokwai, located in the Ginza shopping district of Tokyo. Included on this wrapper are many photographic items sold by this store, as well as the slogan: "Importer of Cameras, Cinema Apparatus & Supplies".

Kinjo Shokwai is the camera store that was owned and operated by Kimbei Kusakabe, the famous Meiji Eri Japanese photographer.

Condition: a few tears creases and dust stains.