Size: 7 1/2 x 10 in. (88 x 255 mm.)
Item#: E-026 Artist: leading Japanese art photographers from 1926. / Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.
Image or title: Japan Photographic Annual 1925-1926 (Shashin Nenkan Taisho '13-'14).
Date: 1926 Medium: printed in photogravure Price: ¥14,000 JPY

Description: bilingual photograhic annual showcasing the top Japanese art photographers of the year. Several photographic essays, numerous full page plates printed in duotone halftone and rotogravure. Also included (in Japanese only) is a listing of over a thousand Japanese photo clubs and associations, photo studios, photogaphers, and retailers. The plates includes: 35 duo tone plates (5 plates mounted); 50 half tone plates; 32 photogravure plates. The text is comprised of 41 intro pages, 101 directory pages, and 25 essay pages. A wonderful reference item packs with loads of reference material. as well as photographs by many big name Japanese photographers of the day including: Shinzo Fukuhara, Roso Fukuhara, Hakuyo Fuchigami, Koro Kometani, Ryutaro Ono, Matsutaro Ohashi, Chotaro Hidaka, Ori Umesaka, Nakaji Yasui, to name a few.

Condition: duotone plate section very good, while the silky rotogravure plates show signs of the paper aging. The lettepress text pages for the directory pages and photographer listing (back section) have some foxing spots throughout.. The cover is ditressed with signs of rubbing and overlapping sections frayed; also a stain on the Japanese cover. The spine is also distressed. These condition problems can be seen in the photos above and below. Due to the condition problems this example is priced at half the usual market price.

Shinzo Fukuhara frontispiece