English cover on reverse.

Size: 7 1/2 x 10 1/4 in. (190 x 260 mm).
Item#: SD-110 Artists: leading Japanese art photographers from 1933. / Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.
Image or title: Nihon Shashin Nenkan Showa Kyu-nen / Englush title - Japan Photographic Annual 1932 -1933.
Date: 1933. Medium: book. Price: ¥18,000 JPY

Description: bilingual photographic annual showcasing the top Japanese art photographers of 1933. Several photographic essays, numerous full page plates printed in rotogravure. Also included (in Japanese only) is a listing of over a thousand Japanese photo clubs and associations, photo studios, photographers, and retailers. The photographic plates include 88 photogravure halftone plates. The Japanese text is comprised of 153 pages, and the English pages totaling eight pages. There is also several pages of photography advertisement front and back. Published by the Tokyo Asahi Shimbun Publishing Co.

A wonderful reference item packs with loads of reference material. as well as photographs by many big name Japanese photographers of the day including: Kiyoshi Esaki, Yasuzo Nojima, Minoru Minami, Hanaya Kanbey, Kichinosuke Benitani, Iwata Nakayama, Koro Kometani, Hoko Shimamura, Shiyo Shimamura, Shinzo Fukuhara, Hakuyo Fuchigami, Torajiro Ariga, Koji Nishigori, Yoshitori Mori, as well as an essay by Bauhaus photographer Iwao Yamawaki.

Condition: the photo plates and pages are in reasonably good condition, while the cover is shelf worn with a crease across the Japanse cover (see below). The corners also show signs of bumping as well as the lower portion of the spine.

Japanese cover.

Japanese cover.