Size: 8 1/4 x 11 3/4 in. (210 x 300 mm).
Item#: SD-103 Artists: Yasuzo Nojima.
Image or title: Yasuzo Nojima and His Contemporaries.
Date: 1991 Medium: book Price: ¥12,000 JPY

Description: catalog from the 1991 duel exhibitions held at the National Museum of Art, Kyoto and Shoto Museum of Art, Tokyo on the master Japanese photographer Yasuzo Nojima and his fellow artists. Superb printing, bilingual text, published in 1991. Soft cover, 1st edition, 176 pages. This is the only publication ever published on the master Japanese art photographer who is considered the Alfred Stieglitz of Japan. Being out of print for eighteen years, this scarce publication is hard to locate.

Condition: Excellent

Yasuzo Nojima (1889-1964):

Born into a wealthy family, Nojima started taking photographs in 1906. In 1907 at the age of 21, after entering many photographic competitions he finally gained admittance to the prestigious Tokyo Photographic Study Group. From 1915 to 1920 he operated the Mikasa Shashin Ten (Mikasa Photo Shop) and held his first solo exhibition in 1920. This studio was the first of four establishments he owned or operated during his career. The others included the Kabutoya Gado gallery, the Nonomiya Shashin Kan (Nonomiya Photography Studio) and Nojima Tei, a photographic salon established at his home in 1922. In 1928 he became a member of the Japan Photographic Society but in the his 1920s his work began to shift from pictorialism to modernism. During the 1930s he was one of the leading proponents of the shinko shashin movement (new or straight photography) and is considered by many photo historians to be the greatest Japanese photographer of twentieth century.