Size: 9 1/4 x 10 1/8 in. (210 x 258 mm).
Item#: SD-081 Artists: Haruo Tomiyama
Image or title: Gendai Gokan (Our Day).
Date: 1999 Medium: book Price: ¥12,000 JPY

Description: this catalog was printed to coincide with Tomiyama’s Photo Exhibition for the 50th Anniversary of the Chinese Revolution held at the Beijing Art Museum in 1999. This is a very scarce publication and is not listed on Tomiyama’s website, nor does it show up anywhere in biographies about him on the web. Soft cover, published by THON Hakko, Tokyo, with the assistance of Kodansha Publishing. Signed by the artist (see below).

From Tomiyama’s website explaining his Our Day project:

"Since 1960, when I began my career as a professional photographer, this serial picture entitled "Our Day" has been my lifework for more than 40 years. In this series I have been trying to catch the images of vogue words of the times. Vogue words symbolize our ambiguous characteristics shown in everyday life, and the words change their meanings as time goes by....”

Condition: excellent condition.

Haruo Tomiyama (1935 -):

Born in 1935 in the Kanda district of Tokyo. Worked as a staff photographer for the Josei-Jishin magazine and the publishing department of the Asahi Shimbun. Turned a freelance in 1966. Tomiyama is still very active as a photographer to this day and has garnered many prestigious awards including: The Budding Photographer Prize of the Japanese Photography Critics Society (1965), The Kodansha Award for Culture in Publishing (1978), The Annual Award of the Japan Professional Photographers Society (1980), The Budding Photographer Art Prize of the Minister of Education, Science and Culture in (1981), The Master Honor of the 150th Anniversary of Photography in Japan in (1989), The Advanced Cultural Activity Award of the Japanese Photography Society (1995), The Shi-Ju-Hou-Shou (Medal with a Purple Ribbon) (2003).

Back cover.

Tomiyama's signature.