Size: 7 x 9 1/2 in. (178 x 228 mm).
Item#: N-013 Artists: text by Dwight L. Elmendorf, photos by Kimbei Kusakabe, others.
Image or title: The Mentor Japan issue (Issue no. 69).
Date: 1914 Medium: set of six copper plate gravures. Price: ¥12,000 JPY

Description: portfolio of gravures published by the Mentor Association of New York City. Complete set of six loose plates, all with captions printed on the reverse. There is also a twelve page text on Japan by Dwight L. Elmendorf, a lecturer & traveler. Issue no. 69, printed in 1914, all images are photographs of Japan from the 19th century by Kimbei Kusakabe and others.

The Mentor Association, Inc. was established for the development of a popular interest in art, literature, science, history, nature, and travel. They published a semi-monthly periodical called "The Mentor," for an annual subscription of three dollars, single copies 15 cents. Subscribers were apparently worldwide. Their stated object was to enable people to acquire useful knowledge by means of a simple readable text and beautiful illustrations. Each issue was accompanied by six fine intaglio-gravure pictures illustrating the subject taken from famous paintings and photographs with text by the editorial staff on the reverse each plate.

They plates are:
- Miyajima.
- A garden in Tokyo (garden of Prince Hotta).
- Mt. Fuji from Kashiwabara.
- Gate of the palace of the Mikado, Kyoto,
- The great Buddha at Kamakura,
- The red bridge at Nikko.

Condition: Very good.

Miyajima.   A garden in Tokyo (Prince Hotta's Garden by Kusakabe).
Mt. Fuji from Kashiwabara.   Gate of the palace of the Mikado, Kyoto.
The great Buddha at Kamakura.   The red bridge at Nikko.