Size: 1/8 plate
Item#: AMB-052 Artist: unattributed
Image or title: two men with fans, elaborately painted props, topknot hair.
Date: August 2, 1876 Medium: ambrotype Price: ¥95,000 JPY

Description: Inscription reads: Meiji kyu nen, hachigatsu, futsuka, Otsu, Makoto-cho nitte utsusu to rei sanju-hachi nen juichikagetsu, Fujino Tadashige. Translation: Meiji year '9 (1876), August 2, taken at Otsu Makoto-cho (Shiga Prefecture), Tadashige Fujino, age 38, eleven months. Condition very good but case lid has a very small chip in the lower right corner. Charming 1/8 plate ambrotype, the studio props are hand painted with bamboo motiffs.