Size: 1/4 plate
Item#: AMB-050 Artist: unattributed
Image or title: three generations of Suzuki family in summer dress, Asakusa Park, Tokyo
Date: 1890 Medium: ambrotype

Description: Dated studio portrait of the Suzuki family in summer dress. The father and son are holding floppy straw hats, while the grandmother has an umbrella. The case inscription reads:

Hachigatsu Nanoka, Meiji '23, Asakusa Koen-chi, Suzuki Tetsutaro 33, Mue 64, Ichizo 7.

Translation: August 7, 1890, taken in Asakusa Park (Tokyo), Tetsutaro Suzuki 33, Mue (the grandmother) age 64, son Ichizo seven.

Asakusa Park in Tokyo had one of the largest concentrations of small makeshifts photo studios in Japan during the Meiji period. Condition: good, minor cracking to the upper right emulsion, case lid is missing.

Price: ¥40,000